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Fast, secure and reliable award-winning UK hosting


Super-fast and reliable service

Consistently high performance

With 99.9% up-time your customers can see your website whenever they need to.

One-click app installation

Easy installation of applications such as WordPress and Joomla from the c-panel.

Website Security and Back-up

Availability of dedicated security and backup software for WordPress websites.

The reliability of cloud hosting

Our platform is arranged in clusters with distributed resources and no single point of failure.

Its robust architecture is designed to give you maximum uptime with the power and reliability your business needs.

High performance, super-fast website hosting

Built on the latest server hardware and technology, our robust cloud hosting platform is based in a state-of-the-art secure UK data center for speed, quality, and complete peace of mind.

Powerful WordPress hosting

Install in just one click

In less time than it takes to make a cup of tea, you’ll have WordPress installed and ready to go. Thanks to our one-click install, you don’t need to download or upload files, set up databases or change permissions.

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