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Stay connected wherever you are with business class email hosting



Increase productivity with Hosted Exchange and Premium emails

Cloud Servers

Enabling your emails to remain synchronised across all devices.

Stay Connected

Access your emails on any device, from anywhere.

No setup or hardware costs

Our technicians will set up emails on any of your devices for you.

All the features of Exchange & IMAP

Make your email work for you with Microsoft Exchange 2010 including core features such as OWA webmail, ActiveSync synchronisation and enterprise-class virus and spam protection.

Utilise the very latest version of this essential business email solution to increase your productivity, co-ordinate with your team and streamline your workflow.

Sync across all your devices

Automatic syncing ensures that, whatever device you’re using, whether it’s your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can use Outlook or its integrated web app to manage your emails.

If you send an email, update your calendar, or tick an item off your task list from one device, all your devices are automatically updated, wherever you are.

Hosted entirely on our servers

Save time, money, and productivity with our email hosting solutions.

We manage all aspects of the servers, including maintaining the hardware, installing updates, and running enterprise-class virus and spam protection.

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