Protect your PC, server, external hard disk or USB flash drive and prevent your documents, photos or confidential files from falling into the wrong hands.

Why Do I Need A Cloud Antivirus

Centralised Management

You don’t need to do anything. Updates installed centrally.

Windows & Mac Protection

Our anti-virus and security solution works on both operating system.

Real-Time Monitoring

As soon as updates are released your computer is secured with the latest software.

Protection and disinfection

Proactive and real-time protection thanks to the security software’s Collective Intelligence.

Maximum malware detection, even for malware that exploits unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities, regardless of the source of infection (email, USB memory sticks, Web, etc).

Ease to use, easy to maintain

Simple, automatic and we will install and set it up for you.

Centrally managed by our team with automatic updates to avoid any inconvenience.

Automatic Repairs

Remotely repairs workstations infected with advanced or non-conventional malware.

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