Technology Support


Support When You Need It

We offer a remote IT support service, where we can access your computer from our office, no matter where you are in the world.

We’ll connect to you online via the internet and fix issues you may encounter, for example: email issues, software errors, and installing programs.

Our Mission

Technology Support was set up with a clear goal:

To provide unlimited, expert, friendly support 7 days a week to micro businesses and consumers for all of their common computer problems (PCs and Macs), and proactively help customers prevent future problems.

The whole team are dedicated to provide the best solutions for making your computers, networks and data, secure and accessible while remaining cost effective.

Our technicians can assist you remotely via your computer while you watch, and securely monitor your PC’s health and maintenance – all while maintaining your utmost privacy.

About The Founders

Philip has a passionate for working with owners of small and micro-businesses to assist them to develop their business by using the best technology solutions.

Philip has run a successful IT online support company for over 10 years, understanding the individual needs of both consumers and small businesses. In addition Philip has set up Three Tier Media which has provided digital marketing services for micro businesses over the last 6 years.

Philip Waite


Ahmed is a driven person that works with his team to deliver the highest standard of digital marketing services to clients.

He has a keen interest in resolving any issue and normally comes up with a work around for any problem, often using the latest bit software.

Ahmed Deghiedy


If you have any questions about technology please feel free to drop us an email on or else click on the chat icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.